what the pollitos blog is about: mucho pio pio.

So, here is the what que pasa here. I used used to blog over at Bilingual in the Boonies, a personal blog, and a pretty nifty space for broadcasting what was happening in the Pollitos hen house. These days, not much is going on over at the Boonie blog because I am mostly hanging out at Tiki Tiki Blog, a Latin culture site I co-founded with a friend. (Go check it out, it is super fun.) So, this space will be dedicated to Pollitos happenings —... Read More

welcome to the new los pollitos dicen

Hola! Welcome to the new Los Pollitos Dicen site. We have been working behind the scenes to upgrade and add new items to our menu of super coolisimo, delicioso, major sweet gifts for babies and big kids, whether it is a baby shower, baptism, birthday, holiday or just because you want to. You will notice some immediate changes. Our classic egg boxes are gone, but we’ve added organic onesies and t-shirts, plus notecards and cool accessories like... Read More