Popular Spanish Baby Names. What’s Yours?

Favorite Baby Names So, we named our daughter Maria. Kind of obvious, right? Not really. My generation of Cuban/Hispanic/Latino/whatever-your-want-to-call-us didn’t necessarily stick to the traditional names of our culture. Most of my cousins have children with non-Spanish names. So, afraid we would get chided for picking the ever-popular Maria, I only told my best friend. Even my Mami didn’t know until her first grand-daughter was born. Why... Read More

Bilingual and Bicultural

So, I just read this essay “How Cultures Combine and Blend in a Person” and it hit me that you can be bilingual and not bicultural and bicultural but not bilingual. From the article: Contrary to general belief, bilingualism and biculturalism do not always go hand in hand. People can be bilingual without being bicultural (think of Europeans who use two or more languages in their everyday lives but who live in only one country and within... Read More