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Quimbombo and Kid’s Music(a)

In the hunt for kid’s music that does not make you want to punch out your eardrums, enter Putumayo’s Kids World Party. ¬†Hurrah! Featured is one of the Pollitos’ favorite bands, PALO!, who is all about Afro-Cuban funk and fun. The song featured in this album, which benefits Amnesty International, is Quimbombo (Okra). Anything but [...]

Popular Spanish Baby Names. What’s Yours?

Favorite Baby Names So, we named our daughter Maria. Kind of obvious, right? Not really. My generation of Cuban/Hispanic/Latino/whatever-your-want-to-call-us didn’t necessarily stick to the traditional names of our culture. Most of my cousins have children with non-Spanish names. So, afraid we would get chided for picking the ever-popular Maria, I only told my best friend. [...]

Bilingual and Bicultural

So, I just read this essay “How Cultures Combine and Blend in a Person” and it hit me that you can be bilingual and not bicultural and bicultural but not bilingual. From the article: Contrary to general belief, bilingualism and biculturalism do not always go hand in hand. People can be bilingual without being bicultural [...]

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Free Los Pollitos Dicen Note Card

Giving Los Pollitos Dicen as a gift? Need a lovely little Spanish note card? We’ve got you covered. Download a free high resolution gift enclosure card and a lyric sheet to the lullaby, Los Pollitos Dicen. Print it on card stock for better quality. Download: Los Pollitos Dicen note card.

Los Pollitos Dicen Card

what the pollitos blog is about: mucho pio pio.

So, here is the what que pasa here. I used used to blog over at Bilingual in the Boonies, a personal blog, and a pretty nifty space for broadcasting what was happening in the Pollitos hen house. These days, not much is going on over at the Boonie blog because I am mostly hanging out [...]