Our Story

We are Carrie and Oscar, the South Florida-born children of cubanos and the friends who created Los Pollitos Dicen in 2005.

We met in Nashville, TN, aka Music City, USA, the home and heartbeat of country music when we worked at the local newspaper: Carrie as a reporter and Oscar as a graphic designer.

We made each other feel at home while reminiscing of guava pastries, fiestas, dancing and having a good laugh at ourselves. And, we felt the need to inspire others to preserve, pay homage to, and share our amazing culture.

The result was Los Pollitos Dicen, a line of baby clothes celebrating the imaginative and hilarious colloquialisms of our people.

In the five years since our launch, Los Pollitos Dicen has been sold on Target.com to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and featured in numerous newspaper, magazine and TV stories.

In 2008, we created ChíChí&Flaco, showcasing cool, fun t-shirts and accessories for men, women and big kids.

Carrie, affectionately known as “mama hen,” is now full-time mom to both Los Pollitos Dicen and daughter Maria, who is being raised “bilingue” in the green hills of Tennessee. Oscar currently is a Philadelphia-based graphic artist who spends his quiet hours dreaming of a farm life raising REAL chickens.